PARADOX: The curious life, and mysterious death, of Mr Joseph Wheeler

Early in 2011, Professor Wiseman in association with, the social networking site for budding authors, wrote the first part in a collaborative attempt to produce a full-length novel in two months. The final result of this experiment, is a novel called, PARADOX: The curious life, and mysterious death, of Mr Joseph Wheeler.


A freshly rotting corpse has been found in an old steamer trunk in the east end of London. No one knows how the corpse got to be there. Only Richard Wiseman knows who he is, but he’s not saying.

According to the newspaper photograph Richard was sent anonymously, Joseph was alive in 1876. Inspector Pippa Bunting is the lead investigator in Joseph’s case. She is called to the scene of another murder only to discover that the man she had in custody a little over twenty-four-hours ago, is the victim. Having been forced to let him go under the pressure of his high-powered solicitor and her Superintendent, Pippa begins to reassess the commands of her superiors.

 Agent Luke Stirling has been shadowing Andreas Salladin, the wealthy entrepreneur whose riches are exceeded only by his madness. Luke has learned that the brash Inspector is at the centre of Salladin’s efforts, yet has still to discover why.

 Daniel is the coroner assigned to both cases. He has always been like an old gruff uncle to Pippa. When she finds an unexpected body in the morgue, she commits herself to solving the murders no matter the repercussions.

The mean streets of London. The jewelled paths of Budapest. International intrigue brings Luke and Pippa together on a chase that will change the lives of everyone


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  1. I love this site’s layout. Beautiful job for a great book. 🙂

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