Interview with a Vampire

Just before he began his whirlwind tour to promote a new story about aspects of his life, I was able to catch up with, the now infamous, Igor Lenchenko.

Iman:   Welcome Mr. Lenchenko, I know you are very busy Thank you for taking time out to visit us.

Len:     You’re very welcome. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Iman:   So, how do you think the story turned out and are you happy with it?

Len:     I think we were all pretty pleased with the final result. I hope the readers will enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Iman:   You are portrayed as a bit of a villain. Do you think Mr Palmer has done you justice?

Len:     Well David did what he could but I am, after all, quite..villainous (smiles)

Iman:   And how did you get on with the other characters?

Len:     Well as you know, Eric and I had been together for 20 years and I always knew what a scene stealer he could be.

Iman:   And Antonia?

Len:     Ah well, I haven’t seen her for years. She moved to the States and we lost touch. I think she works as a Literary Agent now. Come to think of it a lot of my ex-wives work as Literary Agents.

Iman:   O.K. So let’s turn to something a little more philosophical. Where do you stand on the whole preying on humans and drinking their blood issue?

Len:     Well clearly it’s a bit of a grey area for me but, I think it very much depends upon which humans we are talking about.

Iman:   I suppose so but you understand why people might find it a little, shall we say distasteful.

Len:     I guess so but, most of the really yucky stuff went on over a hundred years ago. Today it’s mostly blood banks and cocktail parties. And besides, without Vampirism you wouldn’t have Alice Cooper, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Anastacia or Cliff Richard…O.k, a bad example but you see what I mean.

Iman:   Fair enough. So finally, a couple of questions from our readers. Boxers or Briefs?

Len:     Usually boxers, but it depends on the occasion.

Iman:   T.V or Books

Len:     Books

Iman:   Good answer. Day or Night

Len:     Night, Obviously! (raises eyebrows)

Iman:   Tea or Coffee

Len:     Tea

Iman    Rihanna orCher

Len:    Cher. I’ve known her for centuries…er…I mean years.

Iman:   Well thank you for your time Igor and good luck with the story.

Len:     Thank you. I’m having a few friends round for drinks later on this evening if you and your lovely wife care to join us! (smiles)

Iman:   Erm…I think not, thank you.

The Familiar is published by Libboo Bounty. Read and review it here or watch the promo at


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  1. Mwhahaha! I LOVED this! What an awesome idea to have an interview with your villain! You’re just too cool David. Too cool!

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