The Corridor

Here’s very short short just to say thanx to all my new followers and RTs. Hugs!

There is a place between the sleeping and waking mind: A corridor if you will?  Everybody has been there at least once. If you are lucky you will escape quickly and, although it may take hours to completely forget, you eventually lose the awful sense of dread and foreboding that you brought with you from this place.

 Sound familiar? Maybe this will help. When you are in the corridor you know that you are asleep but your senses feel heightened. You are completely aware of the waking world but, it is just out of your reach. The corridor is devoid of pleasure, joy, happiness, brightness or hope. The only emotion that can exist here is fear.

 You can walk for what seems like hours, searching for the door back to reality, but the way home constantly eludes you. Sometimes you may even feel as if you have awoken but this is just a cruel trick. Just try to move and you will see that the corridor still has you in its malevolent grip. It will not give you up easily.

 Before long you will begin to realise that you are not alone in this gloomy, prison. Someone or something is there, watching…waiting. From the murky depths of your unconscious mind a phantom is rising, rising to claim you. It wants to pull you back into the dark oblivion of its lair.

 A weight presses down on you. Your heart begins to pound. You start to run, but to where? It doesn’t matter, you are being chased and you MUST get away. .

You cry out with all the energy you can muster. In the real world it is little more than a whimper but, you pray that someone will hear it and drag you back to safety. But, your pursuer is gaining and you are slowing under the now almost unbearable weight. You cannot look back. If you do, you know all will be lost.

You are right. If tonight you find yourself in that corridor, my corridor, I urge you do not look back or,… You will be mine and I will devour you.

 Sleep well everybody.



  1. It so reminds me of Kafka. Very well written & easy to read. I really enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Very well done David. 😀

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