Be Careful What You Wish For

Several lifetimes ago I was a proper geek. I built. I programmed. I suffered. (From eye strain mainly). But, even as I punched endless lines code into the touch sensitive membrane keyboard of my ZX81 or listened to the banshee like scream of the data transfer, I knew…I knew that the day would come when this would not merely be a lonely, sunless Geekdom. Continue reading

The Corridor

Here’s very short short just to say thanx to all my new followers and RTs. Hugs! Continue reading

Interview with a Vampire

Just before he began his whirlwind tour to promote a new story about aspects of his life, I was able to catch up with, the now infamous, Igor Lenchenko.

Iman:   Welcome Mr. Lenchenko, I know you are very busy Thank you for taking time out to visit us. Continue reading

PARADOX: The curious life, and mysterious death, of Mr Joseph Wheeler

Early in 2011, Professor Wiseman in association with, the social networking site for budding authors, wrote the first part in a collaborative attempt to produce a full-length novel in two months. The final result of this experiment, is a novel called, PARADOX: The curious life, and mysterious death, of Mr Joseph Wheeler. Continue reading

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