My Words

My Muse is With Me Now

I sit, a smile upon my face,
And sip Manhattans in this place
Of calm tranquillity and space,
And through my mind the ideas race.
My muse is with me now.

The cobalt waters speak to me
Of dreams, of love, of mystery;
Of heroes and discovery;
Of high adventure on the sea.
My muse is with me now.

The sea breeze as it starts to blow,
Tells stories only it can know.
The castaways that come and go,
The smuggler’s caves where treasures glow.
My muse is with me now.

On sandy beaches driftwood lies,
Beneath the bright blue cloudless skies,
It whispers softly tales of spies
And privateers with black patched eyes.
My muse is with me now.

Within the forests, lush and green,
Strange creatures roam around unseen,
In places man has never been.
My mind’s eye paints a vivid scene.
My muse is with me now.

The traveller’s rest stands tall and proud.
Far from the modern madding crowd.
Its colours bright, but not too loud.
My pen is gripped. My head is bowed.
My muse has left me now.


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    Mount Snowdon

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